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1960 Falcon

1960 Ford Falcon

As the age of greasers and leather jackets began to fade, a new, psychedelic generation was being born. An age of Revolution had begun in America - an age like none we had ever seen before. It was an age of war and peace, politics and counter politics. One of the first Revolutions to spring from the loins of this generation was the Sexual Revolution - and the seeds were sown in early 1960 when the Food and Drug Administration approved "The Pill".

While the Pill gave new sexual freedoms to young Americans, an age old problem still existed - where to go when opportunity knocks? When it comes to the old "submarine races" the Ford Falcon was the perfect car.

Designed as a sporty new brand of "compact" car, the 1960 Falcon was powered by a light, "straight six" cylinder engine on a unibody suspension. With a simple interior, six people (or two couples) fit comfortably.

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1961 Falcon

1961 Ford Falcon

As the Sixties rolled along, change was in the air everywhere you looked - including in the comic books. This generation brought an entirely new genre of superhero from the Incredible Hulk to the Amazing Spiderman, the Fantastic Four to the X-Men. Comic books and cartoon strips were evolving.

Amongst all of these changes, one tradition remained strong and beloved in the world of comics - Lucy, Charlie Brown and a beloved dog named Snoopy. While superheros brought new, deeper thoughts - Lucy kept pulling the football away from Charlie Brown and Snoopy continued to write his novel ... always starting with those famous lines "It was a dark and stormy night..."

America's love affair with the Falcon was blended with their love affair for the Peanuts charactes as Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy all touted the joys of the Ford Falcon throughout the era.

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1962 Falcon Parts

1962 Ford Falcon

Big changes were in the air as records were broken, relations were severed and legacies come full circle. This was the year that basketball star Wilt Chamberlain scored a record 100 points in a single game. Political tensions of the Cold War increased as the US imposed a trade embargo on Cuba. Johnny Carson took the helm of the "Tonite Show" and a legacy was born just as the thrilling legacy of Marilyn Monroe was taken by her own hand and a bottle of pills.

The Falcon Squire model station wagon came out in 1962, complete with faux wood siding. The upgraded Futura model came out with a fancier interior, factory installed seat belts, and an "illusion hardtop" on the 2 door sedan.

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1963 Falcon

1963 Ford Falcon

While America had faced the shame of the Bay of Pigs, the terrifying threat of the Cuban Missle Crisis and the mass hysteria of bomb shelters, air-raid drills and the "Nuclear Threat", nothing prepared us for the ultimate act of terrorism. In late 1963 an American president was assassinated in full view of a crowd of thousands.

In this year, the Falcon underwent several unique changes. The four-door Futura and Deluxe wagon came out. Hardtops and convertibles were brought out along with the new Sprint model. The Challenger 260 engine was introduced in 1963.

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1964 Falcon

1964 Ford Falcon

American had a new president while Jacqueline Kennedy announced an end to "Camelot". The love affair for one president ended while a harsh disdain for "LBJ" began to grow louder and louder. Protests and marches upon the capital grew as the Vietnam was continued to escalate.

As political tensions grew, a new love affair was also in the air. The "British Invasion" was underway as Beatlemania drove young Americans into a frenzy.

This was a tricky year for the Falcon as it fought to hold its popularity in the face of Ford's new love-child - the Mustang. A sportier, more powerful version of the Sprint was brought on line with stiffer suspension and louder exhausts. Sadly, the success of the Mustang dealt a harsh blow to the Falcon line as the Sprint line was discontinued in late 1964.

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1965 Falcon

1965 Ford Falcon

The Sixties was the "Age of Aquarius", the Age of Free Love, mind expanding drugs, Hippies, Yippies, Love-Ins and Woodstock. It brought out zany characters like Abbie Hoffman, Country Joe and the Fish, Timothy Leary and LBJ.

While the Ford Mustang and Thunderbird models were going strong, these were lean years for the Falcon. The Sprint model had been discontinued and the last Falcon convertible model rolled off the line in June of 65. The three-speed "Cruise-O-Matic" automatic transmission was introduced to the line during this time.

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